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We have moved from being provider of Noticeboard Software on Windows to focus on our mobile App, CatalogExplorer which is available in and Get it on Google Play

Noticeboard has been rename to Catalog and is use for viewing and creating catalogs on MS Windows. Here is the link to install on your PC.

CatalogExplorer consists of 4 major features which includes a public notification system and an order system. And contain tools to create nice neatly arrange catalogs, no programming is required.

What is a Catalog

A catalog can be view as a website with individual pages that link their components internally and externally to other catalog, it can be done easily using the tools provided. Each catalog has a header with a set of categories and a set of addresses that describe it's content and also determine how it is interconnected in the public space.


It also has an order system that the hawker has complete control of their time, number of orders as well as managing their waste. Example, they can accept zero order for certain time, include a cost for busier period. Other features include, doing a promotion for an item, send out stoppages if running out of ingredients, sending out alert to notify their customer to call it a day when everything is sold out.

Public Notification System

A system that allows the public to listen to a category of topics within an address or area. Hawkers can use these to broadcast theirs sales including others like off day, special promotion. The public can also use them to listen to an announcement like Spring Cleaning or Renovation of Hawker Centers for example, and also for listening to any emergency, likewise anyone can announce a topic of their interest to anyone that are listening.


Buttons and header links are automatically generated from the set of addresses and categories in each catalog. Therefore you can navigate them, top down with buttons or bottom up through header links. Besides, each catalog may contains links to their counterpart which offer a wide range of inter-connectivity.